Download Boston City Prospectus 2017/2018

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Download Boston City Prospectus 2017/2018

Download Boston City Prospectus 2017/2018 - Boston City College prospectus for 2017/2018 is available for download. All prospective students should download and read carefully

Boston City Prospectus 2016/2017

Boston City Prospectus 2017/2018

About Us

Be Boss of your dreams …

So, you’ve made the decision to grab hold of your dreams by choosing to study at a tertiary education institute. Now for deciding where to study. At Boston City Campus and Business College, we know that this decision can be quite daunting because there is so much on offer and so much riding on your decision. We believe these facts will speak for themselves and will help you make the better choice…

Boston is a multi award-winning tertiary education institution that has been around for over twenty-five years and has acquired the reputation of not just educating students in their chosen career paths but educating them for life.

Boston offers over 80 programme options, including a degree, several diplomas and higher certificates, occupational and short programmes, making sure there is a career option for almost every student.

Boston also offers personalised support to our student body of over 25 000 through our network of over 40 support centres in South Africa.

Our holistic approach to education values the importance of “real world experience,” making life great for Boston students by opening up possibilities beyond their qualification.

Boston believes in a balanced approach to education that recognises the value of creating spaces for students to bring their learning, their energy and enthusiasm for entering the work place (supported by our commitment to ensuring work readiness in our graduates), and the integral network of life-long relationships established while studying, together in the pursuit of their dreams.

At Boston, Education is for Life