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Northlink College Application Form

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How to apply

Local student

Following these steps would assist you with the application process. International Students (any student who is not a holder of a South African ID Book) will need to click here for the application process.

Steps to apply:

Step 1: Select your Course

Select your course. Click here for the complete list of courses available. Part-time studies also available Students wanting to study on a Part-time basis can download the Part-Time Brochure

Step 2: Course Fees and Payment Policy

Once you have selected a course, Click here to view class fees and to read the Payment Policy.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

ONLINE application - Click Here to complete the application form and upload a certified copy of your ID and latest results. * Preferred option

OFFLINE application - Click Here to download the application form and fax/Email to us.

Your completed Application Form, along with your ID Document and Certificates, can be sent to the College either via Fax, E-Mail, Post or hand delivery.

  • To Fax your application form, send it to 0860 2 STUDY (78839)
  • To e-mail your application form, send it to [email protected]
  • To post your application form, post it to:
    Private Bag X1


Step 4: Waiting for a response

Once you have submitted your application form, please allow sufficient time for the application to be verified and sent to the relevant Programme Manager before enquiring on the status of your application.

Your application will be acknowledged via SMS & e-mail.

Please note that you can view the status of you application at any given time by just logging into our website.

International Desk


In order for a Foreign Student (any person who is not a holder of a South African Passport) to study in South Africa, they will need to be in possession of the following documentation in order for them to be able to apply for a STUDY VISA PERMIT from the South African Government:

  • An Acceptance Letter from the college
  • An Accommodation Letter from the landlord where they will be residing while studying in the RSA.
  • Medical Cover for the duration of study period.
  • Receipt for Tuition
  • Valid Passport
  • Students from China must request a letter from the International Office to ensure that Northlink is registered with the WCED. A copy of the letter will be sent.

Please follow the steps outlined below in order to successfully process your application to study.


Step 1: Apply for the course you wish to study

  • Select the course you wish to study.  For a complete list of all the courses offered by the college Click here
  • Once you have the desired course, download the application click here form provided, fill in the appropriate information and return it either via fax or email, together with your Academic Qualification  and a copy of your passport to Northlink College.  Important - Make sure you include your contact details on your application form.
  • You will then receive a quote, together with your new student number from the International Office.


Step 2: Acceptance Letter and Receipt of Tuition

  • Deposit the quoted amount into the Northlink College bank account (see bank details below). It is advisable for all International Students to be familiar with the Payment Policy for International Students.
  • Fax or scan and email your proof of payment (deposit slip) to the international desk: See Contact Details below
  •  On receipt of your proof of payment – you will receive your Acceptance Letter, together with your receipt from the International Office.


Step 3: Apply for Study Visa Permit

  • Once you are in possession of an Acceptance Letter from the College, Medical Cover*, Receipt of Tuition, An Accommodation Letter and Passport – you must then,
  • Take the above to the nearest South African Embassy in your country to apply for your STUDENT STUDY VISA PERMIT.
  1. For Medical Insurance go to Any further queries please contact the International Office and they will gladly assist you.
  2. IMPORTANT: Your medical cover must be for the same length of time as for your Study Visa Permit.  THE SOUTH AFRICAN EMBASSY/CONSULATE WILL NOT ISSUE A STUDY VISA PERMIT WITHOUT MEDICAL COVE


Step 4: Book your ticket to South Africa

  • Once you have received your Study Visa Permit, you can then proceed to book your flight to South Africa.

It is advisable to inform the Northlink College International Office of your intended date and time of arrival.