Regenesys Business School Bursaries

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Regenesys Business School Bursaries

How can I apply for sponsorship or a bursary?

The Regenesys Foundation is the non-profit arm of Regenesys Business School and considers bursary applications as and when funds become available. However, only South African born students may apply for bursaries at Regenesys. Refer to for further details on bursaries and other funding announcements.

Regenesys Bursary




Regenesys Business School has worked with a number of generous partners to put together various bursaries for undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications. These bursaries and scholarships will be provided to deserving applicants based on academic criteria and on their financial circumstances. Regenesys offers bursaries to school–leavers / undergraduate / post graduate students.


Approximately R30,000.00


i.e. one year (renewable)

Closing Date

Contact Details

Application Address