University of Pretoria Bursaries

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University of Pretoria Bursaries

External Bursaries

List of external bursaries

Browsing the internet for “South Africa” “bursary” and “your intended degree programme” lists numerous companies that may offer bursaries. Never pay for any website to send you information and do not provide private information to unknown parties.

After securing your own bursary

If you have secured your own bursary from a company or institution you need to bring this to our attention.

In order for the university to capture this external bursary information and where applicable, waive the requirement to pay the initial registration fee in order to register, you must submit written proof of the bursary/bursaries awarded to you, prior to or during registration at the Client Service Centre.

The proof of bursary must be on an official letterhead, signed by the bursar/donor, and must confirm the total amount of the bursary granted to you and must also indicate what the bursary amount covers (eg tuition fees, residence, meals, text books, etc).

A Bursary Form is available in the Client Service Centre, which can assist external institutions in clearly specifying the detail of the bursary they are offering the student. This form however must be submitted together with the proof of a bursary on the official letterhead of the bursar/donor.

The Bursary Register